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Course Date Location Availability
SPECIALIST (4-day) 14-17 May, 2018 Melbourne, Aust Open – Enquire Now!


    Introductory course targeted at plant managers and control system and/or industrial IT engineers, designed to provide awareness of the current industrial cyber security threat landscape.

    You will learn..

  • Understand the technical underpinnings & challenges of industrial control system (ICS) security.
  • In-depth analysis of notable recent industrial cyber security incidents.
  • Become aware of the threats and vulnerabilities inherent in ICS architectures.
  • Gain an insight into what a cyber security program entails to combat emerging threats.
  • How to establish and implement an effective security governance structure.
  • See demonstrations on essential monitoring technologies for ICS/ SCADA systems and discuss implications.
  • The best approach to cyber security risk assessment that meets organisational goals and risk appetite.


    Intermediate-level course designed to equip industrial cyber security specialists with the knowledge and tools to design and build a pragmatic ICS cyber security program.

    You will learn..

  • How to design and build effective ICS security technical and operational controls across all levels of ISA/IEC 62443 using proven methodologies for security architecture development.
  • Take part in offensive and defensive attack scenarios on control system assets, including supervisory systems, EWS, controllers, and industrial IT networks.
  • Understand how to design test plans and perform vulnerability assessments on ICS assets using the latest tools.
  • How to apply all industry-leading standards for ICS: ISA/IEC 62443, ISO 27019, SABSA, NIST, DHS.

SPECIALIST (4 Days, or 5 days including Certification)

    SIS’ most comprehensive course, covering all facets of industrial cyber security (4 days), including optional assessment to become a Certified Industrial Cyber Security Specialist (CICSS) (5 days).

    You will learn..

  • Important networking concepts and understand common industrial protocols, including Fieldbus (Modbus, & DNP3), and Backend (OPC) security weaknesses & mitigations
  • How to apply & implement controls based on industrial cyber security catalogues, standards and best practices.
  • How offensive attacks on protocol functions and control modules happen using security testing tools.
  • Obtain technical training on vulnerability management techniques (testing / incident management / forensics).
  • The latest security technology advancements and implications for industrial environments.

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