Get a practical framework to manage cyber security threats to your organisation.

Lax security culture and lack of awareness of cyber threats can often be the weakest link in an organisation’s cyber defence strategy. A greater understanding of the importance of security amongst not only control system engineers, but also IT professionals and senior management, helps to create a unified team that collectively has the required skills to manage these risks.

SIS offers specialised industrial cyber security educational services that allow you to engage in discussion and ask questions specific to your control system environment.

Our distinguished instructors bring rich cyber security field experiences to you in an easy-to-understand and proven format.
Highly recommended!.. Insightful course for this area.. Well worth the time and effort to attend.

ICT Manager, South East Water

What you will gain from this event

  • Understand the need for security governance and how best to leverage it for effective security management for ICS/ SCADA.
  • Investigate ICS/ SCADA network architectures and learn best practices to achieve controlled integration with corporate IT networks.
  • Discover practical methods for assessing security risks to ICS/ SCADA networks and systems.
  • Participate in a risk assessment workshop, find vulnerabilities within a hypothetical ICS/ SCADA installation and develop a threat model and risk scenarios to identify consequences and inherent risks.
  • Learn how to defend against Stuxnet-type threats and maintain ICS/ SCADA system resiliency against unregistered threats (zero-days).
  • See demonstrations on essential monitoring technologies for ICS/ SCADA systems and discuss implications.
Leveraging their industry knowledge from SIS’ market leading cyber security consultancy services, the course modules bring a quality of content that is unmatched in the control systems security educational community.

The framework presented will give you a practical solution that will enable you to build a cyber security program in order to manage cyber threats.

Take part in real-world practical group ICS cyber security activities, hands on labs and demonstration exercises in our virtual control system lab environment including: SCADA servers, HMI, PLCs, engineering workstations, wireless and telemetry devices and cyber security attack tools with outcomes to apply back at your plant environment.
Perform live cyber attacks using our ICS training lab.
Great course!.. Excellent instructors.. Provided me with plenty of information to meet the security needs of our SCADA.

IT Support, Metro Trains

More benefits of SIS' Industrial Cyber Security Training

  • Perform live attacks and see the impact of denial-of-service attacks on industry-leading Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs).
  • Discover common security issues in ICS/ SCADA network architectures and how these can be avoided at system design.
  • See how removable devices can be utilised to attack ICS/ SCADA systems.
  • Learn how to establish and maintain a robust security incident management framework leveraging existing organisational capabilities.
  • Receive references to the latest industry standards and best practice guides.
  • Understand the benefits and implications of implementing technologies such as IEC 61850, DNP3Sec, virtualisation, cloud computing and more!

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