Raise the level of cyber security awareness inside your organisation.

SIS specialists have successfully shared their rich field experience with numerous Fortune 500 companies, across all critical infrastructure sectors in the Asia Pacific region and the Middle East.

By tailoring SIS cyber security training modules for your organisation, we can deliver a single day, or, up to five-days of cyber security training, to cater for different levels of participant knowledge.

Our modules can be tailored to your industry sector, and can focus on operational, managerial, or technical aspects of industrial cyber security… It’s entirely up to you!

Bringing the training in-house, aids in opening up discussion of cyber security vulnerabilities and issues specific to your organisation’s ICS/ SCADA environment. This arrangement also caters for large groups, that can comprise of a mix of critical infrastructure stakeholders from your organisation.

By bringing field engineers, corporate IT and senior management into these training sessions, helps to foster cohesion, bridging any divide between ICS/ SCADA and corporate IT departments.

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